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  • Free 20K question Edulastic Certified item bank
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  • Popular Open Source content from Engage NY, New Jersey Model Curriculum
  • Released items from PARCC, SBAC, ACT Aspire, AIR and many states
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    Special Assistant, Technology, Newark Public Schools

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    High School Math Teacher, San Jose, CA

  • Nerissa Gerodias

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    Instructional Coach, Shelby County Alternative Schools

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    Author and Instructional Technology Consultant

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    9-12 Math Teacher, Washington High School, WV

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    Instructional Technology Specialist, Hawkins County Schools

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    Teacher, Rural Schools Facilitator, Douglas, WY

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    Technology Coach, Clovis, CA

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    4th Grade Teacher, Cincinnati, Ohio

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    5th Grade Math Teacher, Xenia, OH

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    Science, Social Studies & Math Teacher, Phoenix, AZ